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We are excited to offer produce with a history as rich as our own! Our offerings are diligently researched and selected to showcase the best of old world, heirloom and heritage Americana varieties. We encourage you to spend some time getting to know why each of these items are so special!

We are planning to offer fresh vegetables for sale in Summer 2023. Stay tuned!

Homesteaders have always been the master of making something from nothing! Our handmade crafts strive to keep trend with making the best use of things we already have. By utilizing reclaimed fabrics we can offer unique, quality products while minimizing the impact of production on natural resources.

We have a variety of quality, handmade items, for yourself or to give as gifts! With uniqueness and character you will never find from a 'box store'. 

We planted six varieties of apple and two walnut trees in 2022, and added three more apples and pecans in 2023. We anticipate offering fresh apples in 2025!

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