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This is us more about our 130+ year history here: THE PAST

About Us...Today


Let me introduce the family. My name is Twilla (Twyla - in the yellow dress). My early years were spent on this ranch, playing in the fields, gardning with my grandparents and generally enjoying the work and personal ethics derived from a 'farm life'. I graduated from Sandpoint High School in 2000, and earned my Associates from North Idaho College, before heading to the East Coast with my husband. I am joined in this adventure by the most dedicated, hardworking, genius of a man (also known as my husband of 15+ years) Lonnie, our two sons Micheal and Alex and my older brother Travis (also a Sagle/Sandpoint native). Together we make up the working crew of the ranch!


We are guided through this journey by the unequivocal knowledge, love and vibrance of my Grandma, Dolores Turnbull. With 90 years of life under her belt, she is OUR INSPIRATION to live homestead inspired lives! 

In turn, we hope to inspire YOU to live homestead inspired lives as well!



To inspire, educate and empower people to live homestead influence lives, by sharing our passion to care for the land, provide sustainably grown crops and hosting community involved classes.


Blending homesteading principles with modern life.


RESPECT: for our Customers. for the Products. for our Land.


Respect for the products:

  • Taking great care to focus on flavor, freshness and nutrition

  • Using creative methods to reduce waste

  • Reusing materials to reduce demand for new product creation

Respect for our customers:

  • Treat them as we wish to be treated

  • Providing easy and efficient experiences

  • Being conscious of your expectations for value, quality and budget

Respecting the land: 

  • Valuing the origins and history of our land

  • Nourishing, improving and maintaining the ecosystems within our land

  • Farming the land with natural and sustainable practices

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