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We have the Cherokee Nation to thank for this impressive heirloom. This rare variety of winter squash was cultivated by the Cherokee Nation in the early 1800’s. After nearly 100 years of proving itself, the Candy Roaster squash was introduced to those outside of the Cherokee Nation in the early 1900’s. It is now considered culturally important to the entire Southern Appalachian region. 


The banana shaped, sweet and dense Appalachian heirloom is a BAKER’S TREASURE! The creamy, sweet-as-candy flesh is perfect for pie filling or bread (forget pumpkin) and the fruit only sweetens with age! They are a great substitute in cooking for pumpkin or sweet potatoes recipes.


They freeze well - just roast or boil them to tenderness and cut up and freeze. An autumn abundance will keep for up to 6 months in cool storage, rewarding clients with comforting pies, soups, and stews all winter long.

Squash: Cherokee Candy Roaster

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