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We selected four colorful, heirloom carrot varieties to make our Rainbow Carrot Mix: Atomic Red, Cosmic Purple, Lunar White, and Solar Yellow. Each of these varieties brings a colorful, flavorful and nutrious blend to your plate! 

Atomic Red: If you don't like eating tomatoes but have heard of the health benefits of adding Lycopene into your diet, 'Atomic Red' carrots will be good news for you. 'Atomic Red' carrots are high in Lycopene, the pigment that gives them their red color. The color gets more intense when cooked.Red colored carrots originated in India, China, and Japan in the 1700s.

Cosmic Purple:

Lunar White: White carrots may seem unusual, but in fact cultivated carrots originated as wild carrot, which has a long, white root. White carrots were grown in the Middle Ages, and remained popular through the 19th century, but faded into obscurity in the 20th century.

Solar Yellow: 



Heirloom Rainbow Carrot Mix

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