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The Turnbull -OT Ranch is a small scale farm, continuing to build upon a rich family history in Bonner County, Idaho.

We take great pride in offering our community a unique range of heritage and heirloom produce and handwrought novelty items.

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​Hand Made Crafts - Cottage Market @ Farmin Park, Sandpoint

STARTING IN AUGUST: We will be selling our unique, repurposed, hand crafted products every Sunday @ The Cottage Market. STOP BY TO SEE WHAT NEW CREATIONS WE HAVE TO OFFER!


The Cottage Market is held at Farmin Park (on 3rd and Oak St, behind Connie's Restaurant ~ same place as the Saturday Farmers Market is held)


Homegrown Produce - Sam's Produce @ Travel America Conoco Station, Sagle

STARTING IN JULY: We will be selling delicious heirloom produce as it comes into season, @ Sam's Produce!

They are located next to the Travel America Conoco Station, 468810 Hwy 95, Sagle, ID. Hours are: Friday and Saturdays 7am to 6pm. And Sundays 7am to 2pm.

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We are working out the details of where and how we will be selling our heirloom & heritage produce in 2023 ~ Sign up for the newsletter to be notified as soon as we know! 

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